Hi, I’m Blake Cormier and this is my website.

I have been writing, recording and performing music in all sorts of bands since 1995, but Blake Cormier and the Awkward Situation was my first completely solo project. I wrote, performed, engineered, recorded and mixed the album myself in several locations in San Francisco, CA from July through November 2012. Carly A. Garza did second vocals on three songs and she was tracked in San Antonio, TX by PJ Remmler. It was mastered by Mason Macias in San Antonio, TX in November 2012. I hope you like it.

My second full-length solo album “Adored By Millions” was released September 14th of 2018 and consists of 11 piano-based rock songs. You can get it online at Adored By Millions, on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Prior to this, I have done eight albums under the name International Colouring Contest which consist of songs written as they were recorded with whomever was around to collaborate at the time. The most recent seven of those records (and a “bonus” release) can now be found here.

I have done six records with my band Druggist and we recently released our first ever vinyl album.

As of January 2015 I have been playing in a band called The 600 Hundred, too! We just finished our debut album, which is available here.

I recorded an awesome album with my band Little Heart called “Complicated or Not” in 2014 and you should definitely check it out.

One of my favorite projects to look back on is the all live-to-tape, completely improvised project called Sundries. Check it out!

If you’re interested in reading my most recent comedic writing check out my profile on Medium:

Blake Cormier